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Commercial Hardtops for Pick Up Trucks

Welcome to the Ridgeback website from Storm Xccessories. Ridgeback is aimed at fleet operators and pickup users who put their trucks to work. We supply some of the UK and Ireland's largest pickup fleets and we have the experience and knowledge to provide a flexible solution to your pick up fleet needs. Please use the links at the top of the page to discover the Ridgeback range and we encourage you to contact us on 01905 670033 to find out more.If you are based in Ireland or Northern Ireland, then please Click Here to visit our Irish site

Toyota Hilux Canopy with opening Side Door
Toyota Hilux Hard Top with Side Door Option

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Contact us on 01905 670033 to find out more about our fleet solutions.

Hilux Experts

At Ridgeback, we have unrivalled experience with Hilux Fleets. The Ridgeback is the Hilux hardtop of choice for some of the UK's largest fleet operators.

We apply the same dedication to a customer with one vehicle as we do to our fleet customers. Please contact Ridgeback today to discuss your requirements.

The Ridgeback hardtop for the Toyota Hilux Double cab fits all models of Hilux pickup including the HL2, HL3, Invincible and Invincible 200. It is a hard top or canopy that is designed to give the optimum loading capacity and the highest levels of quality and finish. Your Toyota Hilux pick-up will benefit from the installation of the Ridgeback truck cap by improving the security of your tools, materials and safety equipment. We will soon be producing the Ridgeback for all makes of pick-up truck including the Mitsubishi L200 Long Bed and Single Cab, the Nissan Navara, the Ford Ranger and the Isuzu Rodeo. These pick-up trucks are very popular in Europe and it is our intention to make the Ridgeback the number one choice in pick-up truck accessories across europe. We are looking for distributors around Europe and would be happy to hear from any interested distributors. The Ridgeback hass been designed by the former owner of Truckman Limited and designer of some of the best known Truckman Hardtops of the last 20 years. The Ridgeback uses all his experience to produce a design that is far advanced of the ageing Truckman Top design and is more modern. The Ridgeback is aimed at commercial pick-up truck users such as utility companies, fleet operators, local authorities, rail companies, civil engineering companies and similar. It is manufactured entirely in the UK.